What shipping services do Argosped offers?

We offer road transport services to and from all CEE countries and extra-CEE countries:
- full-load: for bulky and heavy shipments (max 24,500 Kg)
- groupage: for small shipments
- express delivery service: for shipments that need to be delivered urgently
- ADR: for dangerous goods
- Thermo: for dispatches that need to travel with controlled temperature

What documentation do I have to fill in to ship abroad?

Shipments inside the European Community:
- Delivery note
- Waybill (also called CRM - Convention des Marchandises par Route) .
Shipments outside the European Community you must have:
- Delivery note
- invoices
- customs declarations
- aybill (also called CRM - Convention des Marchandises par Route)

We can assist you you step by step to fill in the documentation and provide advice and the technical processing expertise required for export and import processes. .

Do you handle dangerous goods?

Of course! CONTACT US to explain your needs and we will find the tailor-made solution for you!

I have to import goods from extra-EU countries, how can I do that?

We know in depth the import/export customs practices, that we handle daily. We will be pleased to offer you complete advice and assistance.

I have bulky boxes I want to group on a single pallet, do you offer this service?

Our warehouse is fully equipped and with qualified operators taking care of sliding, filming and arranging pallets for any need.